M2M2: The how-to

We’re “Moving to Magento 2”. The “we” in this case is the company I work for and where I’m responsible for all things tech-related. Which, seeing as this business is an e-commerce business, is a big thing. We have been running about 20 Magento 1.9.x shops for a better part of two years now, but with all the things reaching EOL it is time to start the migration.

Back then, when we decided to put up 1.9.x for all stores, Magento 2’s launch had already happened. But M2’s launch was very, very instable and full of bugs so we decided to play it safe and let it mature a bit before moving onto it ourselves. Well that time is finally here.

I’ll be using this blog to log every step of the way, because it is a big project and I’m bound to forget and overlook things at some point. Written documentation is key. So this first entry is the rough planning of the first test;

  • Set up clean (M1.9) LEMP server
  • Update dependencies to meet M2 server reqs
  • Install and configure M2
  • Set up Migration tool for M1 -> M2
  • Run export/import of data
  • Set up needed modules as much as possible
  • Test and explore!

Once this is done, we should have a decent idea of what functionality is missing out of the box, and what to expect while migrating all product and order data (not looking forward to this..). This will give us a better understanding of all things involved and enable us to create a decent planning.

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