Wouldn’t it be nice: Priority Calling

Just a thought We’ve all been there, calling your significant other in the supermarket to ask what specific brand of cheese to get, only to get no response and getting called back an hour later while you’ve already gone to town on a piece of Camembert. Or when your dorm room is enveloped in a […]

Ubuntu script for quick Gcloud Compute CLI access

This lil’ function shortens the Gcloud Compute Engine SSH command to gc [instancename] and if no instance name is given, lists all instances.

jQuery slideOpen from fixed to auto

I came across this little problem trying to do something that seems obvious; animate a div sliding open from a fixed height in pixels to a full auto height. Apparently this is something jQuery can’t do out of the box, at least not without some help. It uses a DOM node known as scrollHeight. In […]

QND: Style active page

Sometimes you just need something quick’n’dirty, like this time I had to add an active class to totally unrelated items on a page, based on the page title.

Magento 2 Snippets

In it’s complexity I find one can lose a lot of time in just looking for the right mark-up for the right situation. That’s why I decided to make this little ‘scrap-book’ of snippets. Overwriting files Overwriting files in Magento 2 isn’t as straightforward as was with Magento 1. There you just had to have […]

Shell cheatsheet

Working with SSH (Shell) commands can be extremely powerful and timesaving if you do it right. If you do it wrong, though, it can be disastrous. It also can be time consuming if you have to look up the right commands for each job all the time. That’s why I created this little cheatsheet, which […]